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About Physicals

Physical exams ensure your child is healthy and developing as they should. One World Pediatrics in Longwood, Florida, has a team of highly skilled board-certified pediatricians and nurse practitioners offering routine school and sports physicals for children of all ages. Call One World Pediatrics to learn more about physicals and when your child should have one, or book an appointment online today.

Physicals Q&A

What are physicals?

Physicals are routine wellness exams the One World Pediatrics team performs annually to monitor children’s growth and development. They also enable you and your child to develop a partnership that optimizes their health from birth to adulthood.

Children undergo frequent health checks and physical exams from infancy to evaluate their developmental milestones until they reach age 3 when physicals usually become yearly.

Physicals are essential to preventive care, helping your child stay well and enabling them to receive treatment for any health issues at the earliest stage. Your child may also receive immunizations at their physical and additional services where necessary, like nutrition counseling.

What happens at a physical?

Your child’s physical will likely consist of the following:

  • Height and weight check
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Heart and lung function evaluation
  • Sight and hearing tests
  • Checking joints and muscles
  • Posture assessment
  • Checking the ears, nose, and throat

In addition to a physical exam, providers review the child’s medical and family history and note any changes to their home and family life. They discuss issues like sleep problems, feeding and diet, behavioral challenges, and any other concerns you may have.

The One World Pediatrics team takes the time to answer all your questions so you feel confident and your child grows up healthy and happy.

When would my child need a physical?

Annual physicals or well-child visits typically occur yearly unless your child has long-term health problems requiring more frequent consultations. One World Pediatrics also offers school physicals (usually required at certain ages by the state) and sports physicals.

Sports physicals protect your child and the school by identifying issues that might limit what your child can safely do. They’re also known as preparticipation physical examinations (PPEs) because children must undergo them before participating in physical activity.

The school’s medical staff and sports coaches need to know about any medical conditions that could affect your child’s performance or put them at risk. For example, coaches need to be aware if a child has asthma so they don’t overexert themselves and always have access to any medication they might need.

For further details on physicals or to arrange one for your child, call One World Pediatrics today or complete the online booking form to arrange an appointment.