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Newborn Care

About Newborn Care

Expecting a baby is an extraordinary time, and you want the best for your precious newborn after the delivery. One World Pediatrics in Longwood, Florida, provides exceptional newborn care delivered by a team of highly skilled board-certified pediatricians and nurse practitioners. They support women throughout pregnancy and provide specialized care for newborns, including premature babies. Call One World Pediatrics today to learn more, or book an appointment online.

Newborn Care Q&A

What care does a newborn need?

When you’ve had a chance to hold your baby and say hello, the One World Pediatrics team checks them to ensure they’re healthy and have no obvious problems. They weigh and measure your baby and check their vital signs. Newborns typically undergo the Apgar score test, which measures:

  • Breathing
  • Heart rate
  • Muscle tone
  • Reflexes
  • Color

Your newborn receives a score of zero, one, or two in these five areas. Staff take readings twice within the first five minutes of a baby’s birth, with a score of seven or higher for the first readings being a good sign. If anything isn’t quite right, a team member will tell you and explain what’s happening.

What procedures might newborn care involve?

Your newborn needs a vitamin K injection, which is vital for helping blood to clot and preventing bleeding in the brain. One injection protects your baby for several months.

Newborns also need special ointment in their eyes to help prevent an infection babies sometimes get that can cause blindness.

In addition, the team plays a vital role in encouraging the bonding process between you and your baby. They assist with skin-to-skin contact and the first feeds, and support moms choosing to breastfeed.

What health problems might affect newborns?

For most new moms, there’s a massive sense of relief when the delivery team pronounces the baby fit and well. Some mothers, however, have to face the prospect of their baby requiring additional care because of concerns about their health.

For example, if you have gestational diabetes, medical staff need to treat your newborn immediately after delivery because their blood sugar will drop dramatically after the umbilical cord is cut. Other potential problems include:

  • Jaundice
  • Lethargy
  • Fractured bones after a complicated labor
  • Muscle weakness
  • Persistently blue face, tongue, and lips
  • Forceps marks on the face and head
  • Breathing problems
  • Persistent coughing or gagging

If your newborn has any of these symptoms, the One World Pediatrics team diagnoses and treats them, returning your little one to you as soon as possible. The team offers comprehensive care for premature newborns (those born before week 37 of pregnancy) who may require assistance with breathing and other functions in an incubator.

Give your baby the best start in life with the One World Pediatrics team. Call to learn more about newborn care and schedule an office meet-and-greet, or book online today.