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About COVID-19

As trusted pediatricians with decades of experience, the One World Pediatrics team understands the concerns parents have about COVID-19 and their children's health. With their comprehensive approach to pediatric care, they provide vital information and support to families navigating these uncertain times. Located in Longwood, Florida, you can schedule an appointment by calling the office or reaching out online.


Should I still be worried about my child getting COVID-19?

While children generally have milder symptoms compared to adults, they can still contract and spread COVID-19. Therefore, it's essential to continue practicing preventive measures such as regular handwashing, wearing masks in crowded places, and maintaining social distancing.

Vaccination is a crucial tool in protecting children against COVID-19. The One World Pediatrics team strongly recommends following vaccination guidelines provided by reputable health organizations to safeguard your child's health and the health of those around them.

What are the unique symptoms of COVID-19?

In addition to common symptoms such as fever, cough, and fatigue, children may experience unique signs of COVID-19. These include gastrointestinal symptoms like nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea, as well as a loss of taste or smell. 

It's essential to monitor your child closely for any unusual symptoms and seek medical advice if needed.

Understanding Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome (MIS-C)

MIS-C is a rare but severe condition that can develop in children who have had COVID-19. Symptoms include persistent fever, abdominal pain, rash, and inflammation of organs like the heart or kidneys. Early detection and treatment are crucial in managing MIS-C and preventing complications.

How is COVID-19 treated in children?

Supportive Care

Most children with COVID-19 will only require supportive care at home, such as rest, hydration, and over-the-counter medications to relieve symptoms like fever or pain. It's essential to monitor your child's condition closely and seek medical attention if symptoms worsen or persist.


In severe cases or if your child has underlying health conditions, they may require hospitalization for monitoring and supportive treatments such as oxygen therapy or intravenous fluids. Rest assured, the One World Pediatrics team is equipped to provide expert care and support during your child's hospital stay.

Long-Term Monitoring

Even after recovery, some children may experience lingering symptoms or complications from COVID-19. Our team will provide comprehensive follow-up care to monitor your child's health and address any concerns that may arise.

The One World Pediatrics team provides compassionate and expert care to children during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Contact the Longwood, Florida, office today to schedule an appointment or learn more about our services. You can call or reach out online.