Adolescent and Young Adult Care

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Adolescent and Young Adult Care

About Adolescent and Young Adult Care

Adolescents and young adults require specialized care for their unique developmental stages. One World Pediatrics in Longwood, Florida, offers expert medical support for children in these age groups. Whether your child needs a routine physical exam or is experiencing mental health challenges, the team provides compassionate, personalized care to help them thrive. Call or schedule an appointment online today to give your child access to the best adolescent and young adult care available.

Adolescent and Young Adult Care Q&A

What is adolescent and young adult care?

Adolescent and young adult care focuses on the physical, mental, and social changes that usually happen during the transition from childhood to adulthood. This period primarily affects people from 12 to 22. 

The One World Pediatrics team offers specialized care to support young people through these changes, helping them navigate this important stage of life confidently.

What does adolescent and young adult care include?

One World Pediatrics offers several services tailored to adolescents and young adults, including:

Physical exams

Physicals are comprehensive exams that assess overall health, growth, and development. They also allow the team to address any health issues your child has early on.


Immunizations, or vaccinations, help prevent contagious illnesses and diseases. While your child receives most of their vaccines during childhood, staying up to date can help keep them healthy with age. The team may recommend the annual flu shot, the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, and a tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis (Tdap) booster shot.

Mental and behavioral health care

Adolescents and young adults experience many emotional and psychological changes during this time of life. The One World Pediatrics team provides counseling and support for issues like stress, anxiety, depression, and other concerns.

Contraception counseling

The team offers guidance on birth control options to help young adults make informed decisions about their sexual health. This counseling can also include discussions about safe sex practices and preventing sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Sexually transmitted disease prevention and treatment

The team educates and provides resources on preventing STDs, such as regular testing and safe sex practices. They also offer treatment for STDs, ensuring that young adults receive appropriate care and support if needed. 

How often does my child need adolescent and young adult care?

Your child should have regular checkups throughout adolescence and young adulthood. It's typically a good idea to schedule annual visits with their pediatric team. These visits allow the team to assess their health, administer immunizations, and provide guidance on any issues your child may face.

Call One World Pediatrics today or schedule an appointment online to ensure your child receives the care they deserve as they enter young adulthood.